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We asked some of our students to write about their Karate experience at Williams Family Karate Academy and this is what they had to say...

Andrew - Age 21

I have been training for just over a year and a half now and have not regretted for a moment making that first decision to start training. I joined karate mainly for the physical benefits it could offer. I wanted to do something that would provide a challenge every time I went to a training session. Since starting, karate has increased my overall fitness, flexibility, speed and strength, and believe it can continue to offer the physical challenges I desire in the future.

Another benefit that I have gained since starting training is an increased ability to focus on everyday tasks outside of karate, such as uni or work. Karate has also greatly increased my self-confidence, and after a hard day at uni there’s nothing I like better then going to training and letting off the tension that has built up during the day.

Toby - Age 6

I really enjoy my Karate training. It is great fun and I have met lots of new friends. My balance and coordination has improved and I am working on my listening skills. I am a red belt and hope to get my yellow belt soon. I would recommend Karate to anyone who wants to have fun, keep fit and learn new things.

Tony - Age 38

I started training in Karate 3 and a half years ago after my son (6 at the time) started training. I took it up primarily to improve my fitness and increase my flexibility. I have enjoyed it immensely, lost 10kgs in weight, and also had the opportunity to get involved in instructing others. Both my children (9 and 6) are training with me. I recently completed my Shodan grading and received my Black Belt.

The traditional style is attractive with none of the aggression and arrogance that I have seen in some other forms and schools. Williams Sensei's close links with the parent organisation in Japan are of great benefit and keep us up to date and informed direct "from the horses mouth" so to speak.

Williams Sensei is approachable and an excellent teacher, able to adjust his style and methods to suit the needs of the students from 4 years old to 40+. The training is done at my own pace and to a level appropriate to my age and physical capability.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Holly - Age 8
My name is Holly and I am 8 years old. I am an orange belt. I do Karate 3 times a week. I like Karate Because it keeps me fit and I Made lots of friends. My favourite part of Karate is the exercises for our techniques. My brother Fraser does Karate as well .He is a red belt. At the end of last year we did a karate lesson at Coogee beach it was lots of fun.
Brandon - Age 9

My name is Brandon and I have been going to karate for about 4 years now. You know I did not think that I was going to be doing Karate for that long and some times I don't feel like going but when I get down to the Dojo and see my friends I really enjoy it. As well as Karate I also play football, what has that got to do with Karate? Well my dad's the coach and he says that the difference between a good footballer and a bad one is balance. Karate does teach you to have good balance and focus.

I am a Purple belt at the moment so I have done some gradings. They are like a test to see if you know what you have been taught, but no so bad because if you stuff up you get help to get better. You still feel bad because you stuffed up but all your friends try and make you feel better. I want to get my black belt because that was what I wanted when I started and my dad says that you have to have goals. I have gone to a couple of Karate Tournaments where you have to do your kata. The first one was hard but there are a lot of people from the dojo who come down and support you.

Jacob - Age 6

I joined the Future Kidz when I was 4 1/2 years old. Back then I loved the Power Rangers so Mum and Dad enrolled me so that I would learn that Martial Arts is really about discipline and skill, not violence and fighting. I have always liked going to Karate and now that I have moved up to a different class I have met even more new friends.

I have always been excited about earning my Little Ninja Badges and belts and now I have the full coloured belts to look forward to.

Kristy - Age 31

My name is Kristy, I am 31 years old and have been going to Karate for 6 months.

I decided to start Karate primarily for the fitness and self defence, however 6 months on, I find myself getting a lot more than that from it. It is a great mental challenge as well. Co-ordination and focus being two main factors, not to mention Japanese for a language! ( only in Karate terms!)

I find the more I attend classes, the more consistent I become with the techniques, and having the option of up to 3 lessons per week, I get plenty of opportunities to go.

Of one of 3 women in the class, I think some more of us would be great, to give some balance, especially when sparring, although you can approach it as heavy or as light as you feel. Karate is really an individual sport, working within a team.

Sarah - Age 6 Karate has taught me a lot of different moves, how to stand up straight and to listen.

The exercises that Sensei teachers the class are a lot of fun.

I know now how to block, punch and kick very good.

Adam - Age 13

I have been training in martial arts for 7 years now. For the last twelve months I have been training with Sensei Mike in Atwell. I enjoy training at the karate academy because:

  • We are learning something new every lesson,
  • We always go through the things that we don't understand,
  • And most of all it is a fun and friendly place to be.
I look forward to becoming a black belt and learning more about karate in the near future.

Sacha - Age 33

I joined karate for fitness, discipline and to learn martial arts. What I have got out of training at Williams Family Karate Academy is much more than just fitness, discipline and learning martial arts, I have also made many new friends while learning in a friendly and well structured environment which keeps me interested and wanting to learn more and more.

I have gained more strength, flexibility and stamina while losing some weight at the same time. My daughter also trains in the kids classes but we do some training together at home which is great for the family.

It is also great that I can do it at my own pace and because of my shift work makes it hard to attend some classes. All in all I thoroughly enjoy my training and always look forward to the next class where, not only do I learn something new but I get to catch up with my friends as well.

DJ - Age 11
I have been training in martial arts for 6 years. For the last twelve months I have been training with Sensei Mike in Atwell. The things I like training at karate for are:
  • that we always have fun.
  • I have met a lot of new friends ,
  • and that we learn alot of self defence techniques.
I would like to keep training and one day reach my black belt.

Joel - Age 8

The thing I like most about Karate is the Kata’s and I liked sparing in the tournament. Also I like the way it teaches me about self – defence. It makes me fell good about myself. It’s a good sport.

Georgia - Age 9

My name is Georgia and I joined karate at a young age and straight away I started to enjoy being able to protect myself. The people who helped me were very kind people.

I enjoy going to karate because if you learn something knew you would think that you would forget it but not at my karate.

You will be guaranteed to protect yourself from bullies. The best thing about it is Fun!

Eli - Age 6
I enrolled Eli in Karate because I felt that he needed a little discipline and would benefit from a group activity. Eli has to stand and listen and wait his turn which I believe is good for his self control, but when he is not doing as he should I know that Sensei Mike will bring Eli back into line. When I have sat in the classes I am more than happy in the way that Mike deals with Eli and what's more Eli is doing well and loves to go every week. We will certainly be keeping it up.

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