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Karate for Adults

The Japanese word "Karate" literally means "way of the empty hand" and it is a classical art of weaponless self defence which is much more than just kicking and punching.

Karate training does not require a high level of fitness to start, if you are thinking that you would like to try it but you are not fit enough, think of the positive benefits you will achieve. You will experience both an aerobic and anaerobic workout during training and regardless of your level of fitness, you will see an improvement over time.

Your mind and body will be trained together using mental focus and discipline to develop physical skills such as speed, strength and agility.

As our name suggests, Williams Family Karate Academy is family orientated and we have parents of our younger students training and developing a common interest with their children.

Some of the benefits of Karate Training are:

Reduce Stress - It is well known that physical activity can assist with the reduction of stress levels and the added advantage of Karate is that the mental focus and discipline developed will assist in alleviating the causes of stress.

Fitness and Overall Health - Karate training helps to improve flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance. Karate's punches, thrust, kicks and blocks, tone the whole body and makes you feel better in yourself.

Self-Confidence - Traditional Karate places special emphasis on building character, and focuses on increasing self-confidence, awareness, and perseverance through repetitive physical and mental exercises.

Self-Defence - You will learn practical self defence skills that will work in the "real world" starting with basic techniques and building up to more advanced techniques as you progress in your training.

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