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Affiliation Introduction

Welcome to Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai, the home of Seito Shito-Ryu Karate-Do in Australia.

Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai is the governing body for Seito Shito-Ryu in Australia and Williams Family Karate Academy is the Honbu Dojo in Australia.

Kenzo Mabuni Soke personally appointed Mike Williams Sensei as the Head Instructor for Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai after a meeting at the Honbu Dojo in Osaka, Japan.

Prior to being appointed as the official representative for Australia, Mike Williams Sensei trained and was graded in Osaka, Japan. You can read all about the trip in an article published in the March 2004 edition of Bujutsu International.

Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and teachings of Seito (pure) Shito Ryu Karate-Do as taught by the late Kenzo Mabuni Soke, son of Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952), the founder of Shito-Ryu.

It is now possible for Instructors and clubs in Australia to be affiliated with Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai which is part of the Shito-Ryu International Karate-Do Kai based in Osaka, Japan. There are twelve countries outside of Japan that are part of the international organization which is headed by Mabuni Tsukasa Soke.

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